Safety First, Check!

Safety First_001June is National Safety Month. This month, we are kicking it off with our Art Contest Winner, Brett Peavy, son of Michael Peavy with R.B. Baker Construction. Brett nailed it with his outline of PPE! We are proud to showcase Brett’s fine artistic abilities as we kick off National Safety Month in June! Since PPE was the subject of Brett’s picture, this will be our first weeks’ topic!

As an employer, we must assess our work place to determine if hazards are present that require the use of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment. If such hazards are present, we must select proper PPE and require our employees to use it. In our industry of heavy civil construction, we use the following:

Hard Hat: The hard hat protects are our head from impact, penetration injuries and electrical injuries as well as falling objects.

Steel Toe Boots: Boots cover our feet and ankles. They protect our feet from falling, rolling, and sharp objects. They also prevent slips; protect our feet from hot surfaces as well as electrical hazards.

Goggles: Goggles protect our employee’s eyes from the hazards of flying fragments, large chips, hot sparks, splashes of chemicals or hot liquids, dust, sand and other debris that can be caused on the job site.

Gloves:  Gloves add protection to our most important tool, our hands. They protect our hands from harmful substances through skin absorption, abrasions, chemical burns, thermal burns and harmful temperatures.

Safety Vest:  High visibility safety vests are used to protect our employees on the job site from being hit by other workers or other motorists. We require class 3 vests which provide the optimum amount of reflective material so our employees can be seen!

Our employees are our most important asset! We want to make sure they work in the safety capacity possible and that means they must wear the proper PPE every single day and on every single job. One second of not wearing PPE can cost a life or a severe injury. Don’t take chances! Just put it on!