Pavement preservation is crucial to the future of America’s roads

paving pres 1Pavement preservation focuses on extending the lifecycle of highways by treating road surfaces much sooner in the aging process. This improves roadway safety and saves tax dollars because highways last longer.

Pavement preservation also protects the country’s natural resources. By preserving road surfaces that are already in place, we are able to use less virgin materials and tap in to fewer natural resource reserves, all while giving off fewer emissions.

America’s highway system has more than four million miles of paved roads, and it is critical to keep up with the need for rebuilding and reconstructing these roads. Ever-increasing costs and the lessening availability of raw materials and equipment – combined with decreased government funding – have made this monumental task even more challenging. Only roads that are in the worst condition have received attention, which means healthier or newer road surfaces have been left to suffer from the aging process. paving pres 5

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Asphalt Calculator

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